Why is Interior Page Layout Important?


If you think readers don’t or can’t discern between book pages “designed” with a word processor and those done by a professional, you’re wrong. A professionally-designed interior gives your book instant credibility with buyers. Designing and preparing book pages, whether for print or eBooks, goes well beyond setting the margins and choosing fonts. A professionally-designed page must meet the following minimum standards:

  • All facing pages must end on the same baseline without the first line of a paragraph landing on the bottom of a page, or the last line of a paragraph landing on the top of a page.
  • No paragraphs where the last line consists only of a word with less than five characters (including punctuation) or a word fragment (the stub end of a hyphenated word).
  • No “ladders” (too many hyphens in a row) and no hyphenated compound words, both of which distract the reader.
  • No word stacks—when the same word falls one above the other on several consecutive lines of text.
  • No overly tight or loose lines.
  • No “rivers” of white in the text—word spaces that fall in a pattern that is distracting to the reader.
  • No pages ending in a hyphenated word. Readers don’t want to hold a thought while the page is turned.
  • The last page of a chapter should have at least four lines of text.

Click here to see samples of book interiors designed by 1106 Design.

Interior Page Design Services

1106 Design’s professional page layout design services include the following:

  • Two custom interior design samples, where we show you our ideas for the text design. We’ll work with you on these samples until you are completely satisfied. We never use templates; we always give your book a unique look compatible with your subject matter.
  • Typesetting your book to professional standards.
  • Proofreading your book. (Yes, a final round of proofreading using The Chicago Manual of Style as a guide is necessary. Please trust us or you will release a book with errors!)

Fiction and Memoirs: $1,740.00 US (Additional words: $34/thousand)

Non-fiction: $2,300.00 US (Additional words: $46/thousand)

Prices are for black and white books up to 50,000 words, any page size. Up to 20 layout complexities included (images, tables, sidebars, etc.). Additional complexities, $6.60 each. Footnotes, $1 each additional. If your specs differ, please e-mail or call us for a custom quote.

Prices above include proofreading and two hours of revisions. Additional revisions are chargeable at $110 US/hour. (One or two changes per book page can be completed within this time limit. To avoid additional charges, please finalize your manuscript before the book design process begins. We don’t want you to waste money, even if you waste it with us!)