How to Self Publish a Book

Before You Start: Plan! Begin with the end in mind. Ask yourself: Who are my readers? Where will they buy my book? What does my book look like? Based on that knowledge, you’ll be prepared to answer questions about where you will distribute your book (Amazon, retailers, etc.) and do some research to understand how best to distribute your book and how your decision impacts book marketing, printing and your book design. With this knowledge in hand, you will be on your way to learning how to self publish a book and able to start Step One!

Design the cover of your book. Depending upon which cover design option you choose, your book designer will provide you with cover concepts based upon images that you provide or we suggest for you. Provide us with the author bio and copy for the back cover, or allow our copywriters to write these for you. We can even help you write your book title. Learn more >
Edit your manuscript. Our editors will check the logical flow of your manuscript, look for errors, fix your grammar and spelling, and more, depending upon the editorial services that you select. You approve the changes and make any revisions before the book goes to the interior design stage. Learn more >
Design the interior pages. Your book designer will provide you with page samples to show you what your book will look like. Choose the format you like best. We never use templates, ensuring that your page design is unique and beautiful. We will then format your book, adding a professional touch that you won’t get through desktop publishing your manuscript. Learn more >
Proof your book. Proofing is vital to ensure an error-free book. This step takes place after page design and formatting to identify those pesky errors that almost got away. Learn more >
Print your book. Print-on-demand makes book printing and distribution a viable option for self-publishers, while eBook formatting is popular — most people choose to print and produce an eBook. We can help you get set up with the printing service of your choice and can format your eBook. Learn more >
Market your book. We can put you in touch with marketing experts to put you on-track to meet your book sales goal. Learn more >

How Long Will It Take to Publish My Book?

Most services can be completed in 2–3 weeks. Some steps overlap; for example, book cover design and editing can be done at the same time. With necessary pauses along the way to review, reflect and revise, most books are completed in 90 days. Throughout the process, we will work together, and our professional team is with you all the way! If you need your book faster (e.g., for an event), please let us know. We’ll do everything we can to meet your deadline.

Free Resources

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