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by Jeff Katz on 1106 Design
Once Upon a Time in West Hollywood: L.A.. Through the Lens of a Teenager in the '70s

As a newbie author with zero experience, I had the very good fortune to find 1106 Design. My book, with over 125 photos, was a complex project. Michele & Ronda not only provided the services they advertised, they went above and beyond by being available and responsive, answering my million questions with patience and respect, did some serious hand holding, and best of all employed a great design and proofread team to take my blurry vision of a book, and make it a beautiful reality. It was truly a collaboration. Their services comprised everything a new or experienced book writer would need, including uploading the finished product to Amazon and Ingram Spark,so if you want a high quality product that you will be proud of, I unequivocally recommend 1106 Design!

Thanks, Jeff, for your wonderful review. We loved working on your book and working with you! Best of luck!

by Lucille Messina on 1106 Design
Waiting to Hear "Momma": A Mother's Memoir

If you’re looking for a full-service company to create your book – stop searching now. 1106 Design went above and beyond my expectations.
I was nervous to turn over my manuscript to anyone but after speaking to Michele all my fears and concerns dissipated. Soon, project manager Ronda gently guided me through every step with such ease that I felt as if I had my own publishing team sitting next to me. Ronda, Brian and the entire 1106 Design staff were knowledgeable, efficient, professional, patient, courteous and responded to all my questions in a timely manner.
Thank you, 1106 Design, for tremendous teamwork and for making my dream come true. You are a gift to self-publishers. Now, I’m on the road to help others survive adversity, to let them know they are not alone. "Waiting to Hear 'Momma': A Mother’s Memoir" is out on Barnes & Noble and Amazon. I have teamed up with Cerebral Palsy Nassau and my local Barnes & Noble for a book launch in September.

Thank you, Lucille, for the heartfelt review. It was a joy to help you bring your book to life, and I'm glad we were able to play a small part in your new-found mission to help others. Good luck with your September launch and beyond!

by John Temple on 1106 Design
A SPACE IN TIME: Across the KT

This is my first experience with 1106 Design and I couldn't be more pleased. They were upfront from the beginning and for every step of the way. By following along on their worksheet, I was kept appraised of every step. When I asked questions or didn't understand an instruction, Michele, Ronda and Brian quickly and clearly replied. Their interior and exterior designs were exceptional. They sent me multiple proofs along the way, keeping everything from cover art to page design on track and professional. I would recommend 1106 Design to any author who wants an attractive and fully print-ready book.

Thank you so much, John. We enjoyed working with you just as much, and we wish you success with your book. We appreciate your business very much!

by Albert Goerig on 1106 Design
Dr. Ace's Guide to Personal and Financial Freedom

As an author for many years I can say that 1106 Design has provided me the best support and service of any other publishers I’ve worked with. They have an excellent editorial staff and carry you safely through all the areas needed to create a high quality, meticulously prepared book. Ronda and Michele were always available to help me through each process. I highly recommend them for anyone who is self-publishing.

Thank you for the great review, Albert. It was our honor and pleasure to work with you and we hope your success in publishing continues.

by Leroy Collins on 1106 Design
The Running Back: True Story from the Wheelchair to the NFL

This is very simple. You guys are amazing; thank you for making my dream come true. You made my book special. I’m looking forward to doing business with you again. God bless!

Your story is special, Leroy! It was an honor to help you and I hope your mom enjoys holding a printed book in her hands. She's pretty special, too! We wish you and your family the best as you spread your message of faith, strength, and perseverance far and wide. We'd love to work with you again!

by Sarah Swindell on 1106 Design

Ronda and Michele could not have been more helpful and knowledgable during the entire process. "Rounding Home: A Memoir of Love, Betrayal, Heartbreak and Hope with an Intimate Look into Raising a Child with Severe Autism" is my first self-published book. They were so patient with all of my silly questions and millions of emails! I can't thank them enough for helping to make this dream become a sweet reality!

Your questions weren't silly at all, Sarah. We love helping authors through the self-publishing maze and we thank you for the great review. Best of luck with your book!

by Jerry Kirkpatrick on 1106 Design
Three Books, Three Covers

Since 2006, Michele and her crew at 1106 Design (which this time around includes kudos to Ronda and Brian) have come up with three perfect covers for my three scholarly books. That’s “scholarly” as in many footnotes. Most such books are, well, pretty boring. Not Michele’s. My three book covers, In Defense of Advertising in 2006, Montessori, Dewey, and Capitalism in 2007, and this month’s Independent Judgment and Introspection, have sent a message to the scholarly/professional market, namely get a life and start looking exciting and dramatic. Those are the two best words I can come up with to describe the covers. It’s uncanny also in that it seems like Michele and her crew knew exactly how to design covers to fit my personality! And none of us have met in person. Long-distance cover designing works, especially when you get all the hand-holding that 1106 Design specializes in!

Thanks for the great review, Jerry. We enjoy working with you very much and are glad we can play our small part in your success. Good luck with your newest title. Hope there are many more.

by Beth McLemore Brock on 1106 Design
My Name is Ryan, I am just like you, but different

Where to start? I decided several years ago that I wanted to do a children’s picture book about my special needs grandson. The writing of the text was not difficult – it just seemed to come to me. Everything else, not so much. It took me two years to get the nerve to actually show it to someone and ask for an opinion. Of course, I am an unknown author, so getting an agent was totally out of the question. I knew of Ingram Spark and decided that I would self-publish. I set up an account on their website. Easy enough right? Now what? I panicked!
I looked at their “experts” and contacted 1106 Design. I really cannot remember why I initially chose them, though I do know that I wanted someone in the United States. I have NEVER regretted my decision. From the very beginning, they have been welcoming, informative, kind and supportive. I have worked with Michele, Carol, Ronda, (soon with Jerome) and I think others and I apologize if I am omitting anyone.
They are always responsive and helpful – and I have needed a LOT of help. This whole process has been totally out of my comfort zone. The whole thing took a little longer than I initially anticipated, through no fault of 1106 Design, and they were there with me the whole time.
My children’s book is ALMOST there. It has been proofed and (I think) soon to be ready for printing and distribution.
I think that Michele and the gang think they are soon to be through with me, but I am not sure that is the case. I will still need guidance and assistance.

Thanks for your kind words, Beth. We understand that book publishing is a new venture for most of our clients, and we're always happy to help before, during, or after work on the book is complete. Ask us anything, any time! We think your book is great on many levels. It will help increase understanding and hopefully reduce the instances of unkindness that special needs children endure. Great job!

by Rosa Chillis on 1106 Design
Personal Testimony/Review

When it comes to interior book design, you can’t ask for a more creative, skilled, and professional team than 1106 Design.

My experience working with 1106 Design was top-notched from beginning to end.

1106 Design came highly recommended by my book coach: “An excellent full-service company.”

I was not disappointed; they lived up to my expectations—no question.

One great thing about 1106 Design is that they spelled out the purpose of each decision during the design process.

Another great thing was the speed of their responses to my “many” questions. They stayed in constant contact with me and always delivered each phase of the design process as promised and on time.

What is the result?

Thanks to 1106 Design I have a beautiful interior book design that is a work of art.

5 Stars!

Thank you, Rosa! We enjoyed working with you very much. Best of luck with your book!

by Dede Ranahan on 1106 Design
Love My Book

I was unsure about who I'd trust publishing my book and looked hard and carefully about where to go. A friend recommended 1106 Design and I'm grateful that she did. I was introduced to 1106 by Michele and then worked predominantly with Ronda. I don't know that I was an easy client. My book is so personal—partly about the death of my son—so I considered it sacred ground and I felt protective. I also had a budget that I was pushing to the max. Because of some changes, the final cost was more than I'd originally planned for, but would I do anything differently? No. I knew I wanted my book to be the best it could be. I'm so proud of "Sooner Than Tomorrow: A Mother's Diary About Mental Illness, Family, and Everyday Life" and how the book turned out. The internal and external designs are perfect (IMHO) and the book looks SO professional. I think it's beautiful! It's getting all 5-star reviews on Amazon and I'm beginning to get invitations to speak at conferences. So Michele and Ronda, thanks for all the hard work—together. I think we made a good team. I hope you think so, too.


P.S. I want to acknowledge and thank the editor at 1106 who reviewed my book. I found his edits to be insightful and sensitive. I felt like he understood what I was trying to say.

Hi Dede. Thanks so much for your heartfelt review. We're gratified that you're very happy with the book. So are we. I'm delighted that you're getting great reviews on Amazon. That speaks to the content as well as the design, so you're right, we did make a great team. Best of luck going forward!

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