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Who’s gonna hold your hand? Preparing the author to self-publish.

It’s tempting to look at companies that provide design, editing and other publishing services to authors and say, “Oh, they overcharge to do book design because there’s no competition,” or, “They don’t really want to do this work so they charge a lot and take a long time to do it.”

Statements similar to these were made in a blog post about book design, with a specific reference—even a recommendation if you can believe it!—to the services of 1106 Design and The Book Designers.

Besides getting a little hot under the collar (because yes, […]

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1106 Design Self-publishing Author Story: Paul Hill

Culture shift in an organization is hard work. Undoing long-held beliefs and ways of doing. Agreeing on the values that should underpin the organization’s work moving forward. Creating new management practices that reflect those values. If not done properly, culture change can create much pain and upheaval, with some casualties. After much struggle to deal with change, most are able to leave behind the way it used to be and get on board with the new culture. And in truth, organizational culture change never ends.

Now imagine if that organization is NASA’s Mission Control, and the group undergoing a culture shift […]

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Why You Should Ask for an Editorial Evaluation

Two questions that authors rarely stop and ask themselves before self-publishing a book are:

  1. Is there a market for my book?
  2. Is my book ready for market?

Authors who are publishing a book as a hobby—perhaps a memoir meant only for family members—may not find these questions to be pertinent. Such an author is ready to put in the money for a nice book that will be passed down through the generations (one hopes), but is rarely concerned with how the cover might appear on Amazon or whether or not the book might […]

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8 Ways to Make Your Book Lay Flat

Guest post by Sandy Gould, Direct Sales Manager, Color House Graphics

Each book design has a different purpose, and some books are more effective if they can lay flat on a surface when opened. For example, cook books, music books, instruction manuals and other similar books need to lay flat in order to be fully functional. To achieve this, the books should utilize a binding style that allows the book to lay flat when opened. Below are the various Lay Flat Binding options.



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How long will it take to self-publish my book?

The length of time it takes to self-publish, from finished manuscript to finished book, depends largely on three factors:

  1. The state of your manuscript
  2. How quickly you can make decisions
  3. The process you choose to self-publish your book.

At 1106 Design, books are usually finished within 90 days if the editorial evaluation done at the beginning of the process recommends only a typical copyedit for the manuscript. That estimate includes the needed time to pause and reflect, but assumes that decisions will be made by the author in a timely fashion. Some […]

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How Self-publishing Companies Blur the Issue of the ISBN

A rumor is floating around out there on the Web, one that says the need for the International Standard Book Number, or ISBN, is fading somewhat. In fact the opposite is true; with millions of books being published every year globally, the need to track those books by assigning them unique identifiers is greater than ever.

What Is an ISBN?

As a refresher for those not familiar with the ISBN:

ISBNs provide unique identification for books and simplify the distribution of your books throughout the global supply chain. The purpose of […]

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3 Things Authors Need to Own

Authors who self-publish their books are notorious for letting someone else maintain possession of these three things:

  1. Their ISBN
  2. Their book files
  3. Their domain registration and web hosting.

OK, maybe that’s four things.

In any case, I am constantly helping authors retrieve ownership of one or the other, or between myself and my 1106 Design team, all four. Here’s why being the owner of each of these vital assets is in your best interest as an author and as a business person.


The ISBN is the unique identifier number assigned to your […]

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Author Story: Dennis Meredith

Have you noticed that online ads change to reflect whatever search you last performed in Google? Perhaps you searched for a cruise or a new fridge, or a certain health condition. All of a sudden you are inundated with ads for cruise deals, kitchen appliances and pain relievers!

These ads are just one example of what companies do with the data they collect online. They also inspired Dennis Meredith’s latest novel, The Happy Chip. Says Dennis, “The idea for The Happy Chip sneaked up on me rather insidiously. I realized […]

Author Story: Dennis Meredith2019-07-19T13:26:19+00:00

How to Decide on a Cover Design (and Feel Good About It Too!)

Book Cover DesignI admit it: We’ve put a lot of stress on authors about their book covers.

Over the years we’ve preached endlessly about the importance of book covers. Yes, books are judged by their covers, YOU are judged by your cover, your cover must be professional and measure up to best sellers in your genre, it has to stand out on the bookshelf and on the Amazon page, etc., etc.

Did we mention that in its brick-and-mortar bookstores, Amazon is displaying books, you guessed it, with their covers facing outwards […]

How to Decide on a Cover Design (and Feel Good About It Too!)2019-07-19T13:26:20+00:00

Author Story: Meredith Angwin

Meredith AngwinWriting a book is a great way for entrepreneurs, celebrities, speakers and others to increase their profiles. At least, that’s the way it’s supposed to work.

But does it?

For pro-nuclear advocate Meredith Angwin, that’s exactly how it worked.

Meredith’s new book is called Campaigning for Clean Air: Strategies for Pro-Nuclear Advocacy. While Meredith is well-known and respected as an advocate for clean nuclear energy, she says, “Writing this book increased my prestige in the industry. Instead of just being a blogger, I am an author. Someone noted that ‘author’ and ‘authority’ have the same […]

Author Story: Meredith Angwin2019-07-19T13:26:20+00:00
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