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Mistakes to Avoid When Self-Publishing

Let’s talk about mistakes to avoid when self-publishing.

This past month, I spoke with two authors who came to me for advice after finding themselves in the same sticky situation. Both had hired individuals to work on their books—someone for cover design, another freelancer for page layout and typesetting, and someone else for editing. Their original goal was to save money and launch quality books—a reasonable expectation, except the authors were less than happy with the outcome. Both think their books are terrible, and both feel they have no choice but to release them as they are.

Thus, we will cover two […]

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Author Story: Juan Carlos Marcos

In a sense, it’s both an author’s dream and a nightmare: the chance to relay an amazing war tale of adventure, survival and resilience, supported by 600 pages of handwritten correspondence from husband to wife, all meticulously filed. At aged 98, the hero of the story was eager to be involved in the project.

But time is of the essence because, well, the hero of the story is age 98 and would like to see his memoir published. And while the 600 pages of correspondence are pure gold, the additional research and interviews required in a short time frame were challenging. […]

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How to Prepare a Manuscript for the Book Designer and Editor

Have you ever cleaned house before the house cleaner arrived? Done your hair up nicely before going to the hairdresser? Run your car through the car wash before sending it for detailing?

When we hire someone to take care of something we think we ought to have taken care of ourselves, or who we think might pass judgement on us based on the dilapidated state of our home, hair, car or whatever, we tend to make that last-minute push to make things look better.

Well, when it comes to preparing a manuscript for the book designer, you don’t need to make it […]

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Author Story: Kathleen Vallee Stein

Most people today seek to connect on a personal level: authenticity is key. So, when author Kathleen Vallee Stein was told by agents and publishers that she needed to become an expert on hospice and write a how-to book, she knew instinctively that her book needed to be written from a family member’s perspective and not that of an expert or medical professional. “I wanted readers to feel as if they were standing beside me when the doctor told my dad that guys like him were considered terminal,” explains Kathleen. “Hopefully, the reader would think, ‘If she can do it, […]

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Author Story: Bruce Bernstein

Ask any author—self-published or otherwise—what they consider the most challenging part of the publishing process, and most will rank marketing near the top of the list. Bruce Bernstein, author of the young adult book, You Gotta Have Heart, is no exception. Yet Bruce made some smart moves to get his book noticed.

You Gotta Have Heart is based loosely on a screenplay that Bruce wrote many years ago. The main character, Alan Michaels, was orphaned at an early age. As a biracial orphan growing up in New York City, all Alan wants is a place to belong. He finds that place in a […]

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Planning a Series of Books (from a Cover Design Perspective)

A book series is more than one book tied together by a common theme and author. If fictional, the series may continue a story with some of the same characters. Alternatively, the books may be tied together by a location or a genre. Or, the only thing the books have in common might be the author. Planning a series of books includes planning the design of your covers.

Book covers for a series are unified by graphic style and elements. For example, among other series, best-selling author […]

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Author Story: Melissa Ann

“Behind every face is a powerful story, and nothing is ever quite as it seems.”

Wise words from Melissa Ann, author of Hope, Love, and Me: My Journey of Choices and Second Chances. In this book, her new memoir, Melissa shares her story of the second chances she was given after making a decision as an 18-year-old that had life-changing consequences. “The inspiration for my book was the countless second chances God granted to me,” says Melissa Ann. “My goal in sharing my story has been and always will be to help as many people […]

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What Author Services Companies Do for You

The author who chooses to self-publish rather than seek a traditional publisher faces a dilemma: who will polish and package the book and get it ready to sell?

That’s the job of author services companies.

Some authors, often to the detriment of their books, take on these tasks themselves. Others cobble together the services they need—editing, proofreading, cover design, page layout, marketing and more—by hiring independent editors, book designers and marketing consultants.

Then there are companies […]

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Ideas for Author Websites

Are you looking for ideas for author websites? Look no further than our author website samples, which you’ll find at the bottom of this article. In these samples, you’ll find plenty of inspiration.

Before you scroll down, let’s take a step back. When you’re seeking ideas for author websites, it’s easy to overlook some of the basic components in favor of the bells and whistles. So, before delving into the samples, let’s go over some of the basic features of an author website and why you need them.

Feature Your Latest Release

The […]

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3 Reasons Why the Best Place to Self-publish Is You!

When an author makes the positive decision to self-publish, one of the first questions is, “Where is the best place to self-publish my book?” It’s confusing, I know; if you’re not handing over your manuscript to a traditional publishing company, then who exactly publishes your book?

I think it’s this search for the best place to self-publish a book that makes authors (perhaps not as frequently now) susceptible to self-publishing companies that promise to publish their book in return for a large fee and a cut of the royalties. With an application process that attempts to emulate a traditional publisher, authors […]

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