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How to Choose Your Publishing Team

As the publishing team for hundreds of authors each year, we look forward to the times when we can share with our authors in their joy of winning book awards. We love posting on social media about our authors who have won book awards, and we’ve recently introduced a book awards page on our website to celebrate these prize-winning authors.

Being an author, particularly a self-published author, can be a solitary endeavor, so the opportunity for an author to share both the joy and the pain of publishing with publishing team members is important. I was reminded […]

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Top Ten 1106 Design Self-Publishing Blog Posts of the Decade

According to the old adage, “Everything old is new again.” When we reviewed our ten most popular self-publishing blog posts of the last decade, we noticed that the page views for the blog reflect the issues that consistently concern authors no matter what the year: typesetting, getting your book to lie flat, and how exactly does this whole self-publishing thing work anyhow? We included one post in our list that technically is from the previous decade, but which took flight in 2019 as authors became more concerned with making their books as competitive as possible: The […]

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Author Story: Marlen Suyapa Bodden

What would compel a best-selling author, whose first book was published by a traditional publisher, to self-publish her second book?

Marlen Bodden’s book, The Wedding Gift, was published in 2013 (and reprinted in 2015). Still selling well on Amazon, her book was called “a stunning debut” and “an inspiring read for historical-fiction fans.” When Marlen submitted her second book, Arrows of Fire, to her publisher, she was told it was too academic for a commercial audience. Believing in her book, she joined the many authors who skate around the gatekeepers of publishing and decided to self-publish it. Says Marlen, “I believe […]

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Indie Publishing Is Easier Than Ever Thanks to These 5 Things

As Thanksgiving rolls around (and the end of the year!), I am taking some time to reflect on the state of indie publishing. We all have a lot for which we can be thankful. The barriers to publishing have all but been eliminated. Authors enjoy increased creative control over their books and indeed the entire publishing process. There’s a business case to be made for indie publishing, with authors abandoning the traditional royalty model and realizing 100% of their net revenue instead. Access to information enables authors to produce quality books and avoid scams.

Yes, indie publishing is having a moment.

Here’s […]

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What Is an Advance Reader Copy and Why Do I Need One?

How is it that some authors launch their books with endorsements printed on the cover and a ton of reviews? More than likely, these authors ordered Advance Reader Copies, or ARCs. So, what is an Advance Reader Copy?

The ARC, also called an Advance Review Copy, is a version of the book that can be used for promotional purposes several months before publication. Marked as Advance Reader Copies, ARCs are distributed free to readers who are willing to help you promote your book by providing endorsements and reviews. The ARC can also be checked by the author and a proofreader for […]

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How to Promote a Book Online

Let’s face it: the Internet is where it’s at. Authors today must understand how to promote a book online. As we emphasized recently in our article on the 3:3:3 Book Launch Plan approach, every author deserves a nice book launch event in a lovely setting, surrounded by invited guests, friends and family. Given that these events garner little if any book sales, however, it’s imperative that authors strategize their online book marketing.

Here’s our checklist to help you promote a book online.

1. Strategize ahead of time

How can the first item on a checklist for a book marketing strategy be to […]

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How to Find the Best Self-Publishing Companies

Many authors are confused about what services self-publishing companies provide and how to find the best self-publishing companies.

First, let’s clarify what we mean by “self-publishing companies.”

In a blog post from 2018, I talk about what it means to “self-publish.” Before looking for a company that helps authors self-publish a book, it’s helpful to know what that means.

To publish means to “bring printed works before the public, usually for sale.” (Merriam-Webster). Thus, to self-publish means to bring your book before the public and offer it for sale or for borrowing. IngramSpark and Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) […]

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What Is the Layout of a Book?

The layout of a book incorporates some basic elements, which I describe below.

But wait!

Before you read this blog (and if you’re really interested in page layout!), choose a book from your shelf—one from a traditional publisher—and look for the elements as we go through them. Select a book from the same genre as the book you intend to publish; while the elements of book layout are the same for both fiction and nonfiction, the intent of the book will impact how those elements are executed.

So, go ahead, pick up your book, and open it to a page spread, like this:


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Book Publishing Services: What are they? Do I need them?

Options for indie publishing are exploding. While this is a great thing for authors who want to publish a book without involving a traditional publisher, the terminology around self-publishing is also exploding and further muddying the waters. In today’s publishing marketplace, it’s getting more difficult for authors and companies involved in the industry to categorize the various services available. So, we thought we’d zero in on one of the latest terms in the industry: book publishing services, also called “author services.”

Who Needs Book Publishing Services?

The easy answer is any author who wants to self-publish a book. But, as you’ll see […]

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Best Book Marketing Ideas from 1106 Design Authors

The book launch is over, but the job of marketing your book never ends. If you’re stuck for book promo ideas, this article is for you. We’ve gathered together some of the best book marketing ideas as reported by 1106 Design authors in their Author Stories.

If you’d like to read the author’s full story on the 1106 Design website and discover more best book marketing ideas, simply click on the author’s name.

Matt Bloom, author of Hello, My Name Is Bunny! London:

Matt is the author of the children’s illustrated chapter book series Hello, My Name Is Bunny!, […]

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