lynda-goldmanLynda Goldman, a native of Montreal, Canada, is an author of 40+ books, a publisher of health and wellness books, and a copywriter for the natural health industry.

With a fine arts degree but few job prospects, Lynda got a teaching degree and a job teaching English as a Second Language at the college level. She subsequently fell into writing (read more about her journey here), when a colleague asked her to co-author a book, and they were offered a contract by Prentice Hall to write a series. This led to writing 27 more books with three major publishers. She fell in love with writing books, and then went on to write and publish books for her clients, as well as copywriting for the natural products industry.

Natural health is Lynda’s passion, so it made sense to combine her talent for writing with her interests in health and wellness. Fortunately, health and wellness professionals, like most professionals, understand the importance of a book to expand their practice and to become the authority in their field. However, while they might want to write a book, many simply don’t have the time or the ability. As a result, they turn to Lynda to ghostwrite their books.

And this is where Lynda’s passion for writing and natural health really shines through. “Books change lives, both of the people who read them, and for the people who write them,” says Lynda. “That’s why I want to help health and wellness professionals get their messages into the world. They have so much wisdom from years of experience. It would be awful if all that knowledge wasn’t captured and shared – and a book is the best way to do that.”

But was ghostwriting the best way to help health and wellness professionals share their wisdom and knowledge? Ghostwriting can be expensive, which for many puts the kibosh on capturing their expertise in a book. “Not everyone can afford the fees, which average from $25,000 – $50,000 and upwards for a full book,” acknowledges Lynda. Ever the creative problem solver, Lynda developed Write a Wellness Book, an online course that teaches health and wellness professionals, step-by-step, how to write their own books without incurring the expense of a ghostwriter.

“I decided that an online course would be a way to bridge the gap and make sure that health professionals can share their wisdom, help heal more people, and change lives,” says Lynda. “I also enjoy the immense satisfaction my clients get from conceiving and creating their own books. And because they are learning a simple process that can be replicated, they can go on to write more books in the future – as many as they want!”

7-steps-to-write-your-wellness-book-1As you can see, Lynda loves to share her own expertise and knowledge with as many people as she can, and is changing lives as a result. Recently she created an eBook called 7 Steps to Write a Health and Wellness Book, available for free on her website. “My eBook provides professionals with a proven road map for successfully writing a health and wellness book, based on my more than 25 years of writing books,” says Lynda.

The roadmap includes steps to help authors set goals, define their message, structure the book, and more—along with some strategies for exploring your publishing options. “But it all starts with figuring out what role the book will play in your business—and in your life,” explains Lynda. “You have to imagine your life down the road, after you’ve published your book. Who have you helped? How did your book help them? And what opportunities have come your way because you published your book? Envisioning how your book has transformed your life and the lives of others is integral to getting your book off the ground.”

Lynda also includes some great advice for people who want to write but who don’t relish the thought of writing or indeed find writing difficult. But we’ll let you download her wonderfully succinct and beautifully written eBook and read her advice for yourself.

We also think you’ll enjoy her blog, which includes such gems as “4 Self-doubts that sabotage writing your health and wellness book” and “7 reasons people stop reading your book.”

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