Cover_not_by_1106_Wait_How_Do_I_Write_This_EmailIn this new series, 1106 Design interviews authors who have teamed up with 1106 Design to self-publish their books.

Danny Rubin noticed a big problem in the college application process and the job world, a problem he aims to solve through his new book Wait, How Do I Write This Email?: Game-Changing Templates for Networking and the Job Search. “People from high-school-age on up lack the writing and ‘soft’ skills colleges and employers need. My book fills that gap by teaching those skills in a way that’s easy to follow and put into action.”

Wait, How Do I Write This Email? is a collection of over one hundred templates for networking, the job search and LinkedIn. Danny says it’s an ideal resource for college students, recent grads, entrepreneurs, people who make a late-stage career change and anyone else who needs to “get out there” and form new business relationships.

Not only did Danny see his book as a potential solution to the lack of writing and soft skills needed in the employment sphere, but he saw it as a way to position himself as an expert on writing and networking skills. “I recognized that I needed to evolve from a blogger to a published author because a book changes how people view me and increases opportunities, such as speaking, that come my way,” Danny explains.

A communications expert who teaches college students, recent grads and working professionals the power of strong writing and networking skills, Danny is glad he decided to self-publish. “I learned a lot about how a book is made and maintained control over the product,” Danny says. “I write about practical ways for people to stand out and build their brands, and now I can speak with authority on another task (book publishing) many of us pursue as we grow in our careers.”

Danny warns that writing and self-publishing a book is no easy task though. He warns authors to be ready for an “absolute grind” and calls making his book “the hardest thing I’ve ever done professionally.” However, he also found it to be one of the most rewarding things he has ever done.

1106 Design helped Danny with page layout and editing. Danny recalls that it took a while to pin down the right layout for the book because he wanted it to look like a “textbook,” but one for the real world. He wanted his book to appear professional but not academic. “It’s a tricky balance, but we got there!” Danny says. 1106 Design “helped me smooth everything out and create a finished product. Their knowledge of the book creation process and publishing world is invaluable. Being able to ask Michele and Ronda (from 1106 Design) all kinds of questions as we went along was useful.” Click here to see the final page layout of Danny’s book.

Recognizing that the journey to self-publish doesn’t end with publication, Danny is putting extra effort into marketing Wait, How Do I Write This Email? by speaking to groups (and selling books in the process) as well as pushing the book on social media/e-newsletter. Recognizing that speaking, social media, and e-newsletters are not enough, Danny says his “secret sauce” is his willingness to pick up the phone, call key people around the country, give his 30-second pitch and ask politely if he can mail a free copy of the book. Danny always sends two copies so the person can give one to someone else. He advises authors that, “Facebook and e-newsletters alone won’t get the job done. I must be willing to get on the horn and make stuff happen. To this point, I have ordered 300 books with every intention of mailing them to key people. I’ve already sent 220. Once I mail the 300, I’ll probably order more. It’s a small investment that I hope pays off in a lot of ways.”

It must be working. Published in October 2015, the paperback version of Wait, How Do I Write This Email? is ranking well on Amazon and has garnered twenty-eight reviews, the vast majority of which are “5 star.” Danny also made the book available as an eBook because he feels it’s important to offer people both versions and reach the widest possible audience.

Danny has a couple tips for authors who want to self-publish. Tip number one, he says, is to “put your book in the hands of professionals. Don’t be a hero and try to do it all yourself.” Secondly, he advises that authors work on some small task every day. “I worked on my book every single day for eighteen months. Seriously, I did at least some small task every day. And it took eighteen months. Imagine if I only messed with the book on the weekends? I wouldn’t even be close to finishing.”

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