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How much assistance should you give your book designer?

A graphic has been making the rounds on social media (again). You might have seen it. It’s a pricelist of fees, presumably for a graphic designer. The prices start at $100 for “I design everything” and increase to $200 for “I design, you watch.” The prices rise progressively as the [...]

The Real Cost of Book Cover Design

It’s one thing to get a book cover designed, but it’s quite another to turn it into an actual book cover. Getting a front cover designed by a freelance designer or graphic artist, whether that’s someone sourced on the Internet or someone local, is a popular option among indie authors. [...]

Author Story: Gary L Stuart

We managed to catch up with author and lawyer Gary Stuart as he publishes the third book in his popular western “Angus” series, The Last Stage to Bosque Redondo. Gary is a busy man. In addition to having published eleven books, Gary teaches creative writing to law students at Arizona [...]

Are you sabotaging your book?

As a leader, entrepreneur, or specialist in your field, you know that publishing a book is key to your future success. Authors are held in high esteem by just about everyone; knowing that you were able to write a book and publish it is very impressive! Writing a book is [...]

Author Story: Daniel Martinez

Daniel Martinez is a retired therapist who has heard many painful stories from his clients, in addition to going through tough times himself. These stories are the inspiration for his books, and they serve as the basis from which he extracts ideas on the human experience in painful relationships. Forgive [...]

Can I Use Microsoft Word for Book Layout?

Can Word be used for book layout? Well, of course. Hah! Anyone who follows this blog would not expect that answer from me, but the truth is: who’s stopping you? Go for it. But you’ll need to understand the trade-offs. On the upside, you will save money, at least initially. [...]

Author Story: Shary Williamson

At first glance, Shary Williamson’s author story seems simple and even a tad predictable, unfolding as one would expect. Retired school teacher writes children’s book based on the magical elfin world that she and her husband created in their backyard for their five young grandchildren to enjoy. She finds a [...]

Want to Publish a Beautiful Children’s Book? Here’s How.

Illustrated children’s books have two integral ingredients: A good story told well and fabulous illustrations. Compromising on either of these ingredients can jeopardize the book's success. But in truth, the first thing a potential buyer will notice—be it a child pulling books off the shelves at Barnes & Noble or [...]

Author Story: Glyn Haynie

“I want their sacrifice remembered.” Honoring the men of First Platoon, especially those who did not return home, was author Glyn Haynie’s inspiration for writing When I Turned Nineteen: A Vietnam War Memoir. Glyn’s new book recounts his experience as a nineteen-year-old in the Vietnam War—the weeks of boredom juxtaposed [...]

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Indie Publishers

Yes, it’s the time of year for resolutions. But the resolutions below come with a couple of twists. First, they are created especially with the indie publisher in mind. Second, they are phrased as questions, making them more likely to stick according to “research.” So, without further ado, I present [...]

What Promise Does Your Book Cover Make?

We are often told, “Don't judge a book by its cover!” but that’s exactly what we do. Your book cover is a retail package; your book is a product and the cover is the package that tells everyone about your book.  People have short attention spans, and in today’s world [...]

Author Story: June Hyjek

Author June Hyjek is one of 12 million people in the US impacted by Scoliosis, a condition that shows up as a curvature of the spine and has no known cause or cure. June has dealt with Scoliosis for many years, and even as an adult struggles with the body [...]

What’s the Best Route for Self-Publishing Your Book?

With the myriad options available for self-publishing—some more legitimate than others—it’s understandable that authors get confused about the best route to take. Being confused leaves one open to scams, so I’m always trying to educate authors about the self-publishing pitfalls, not because it will necessarily help my business, but because [...]

Preparing Digital Print Files: Cover Files

Guest post by Sandy Gould, Direct Sales Manager, Color House Graphics Having good print-ready files helps keep your book project on time and on budget. Whether you're printing digital or offset, it is important to be sure you have all print specifications correct before submitting your files. At Color House Graphics, [...]

Author Story: Leigh Callan

"How much longer do I have to live to see this book?" Talk about pressure! Leigh Callan’s mother, Juby, had saved over four hundred letters sent to her during World War II by her husband Lt. Doyle Whittenburg, along with many treasured photos. In 2009 Juby handed the letters and [...]

Crowdfunding to Self-Publish Your Book

Self-publishing takes a lot of planning, and one of the first planning steps is to create a budget for editing and proofing, cover design, page design and layout, printing, a website, marketing and more. Once you've got a budget, you can think about how you're going to pay to self-publish [...]

Declining eBook Sales. What’s an Indie Publisher to Do?

With thanks to the Association of American Publishers It’s no secret by now that eBook sales are in decline. The Association of American Publishers found that sales of eBooks for trade publishers (i.e., “traditional publishers”) fell 14% in 2015 compared to 2014. Similarly, the Codex Group’s April 2016 [...]