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How to Choose Your Publishing Team

As the publishing team for hundreds of authors each year, we look forward to the times when we can share with our authors in their joy of winning book awards. We love posting on social media about our authors who have won book awards, and we’ve recently introduced a book [...]

Top Ten 1106 Design Self-Publishing Blog Posts of the Decade

According to the old adage, “Everything old is new again.” When we reviewed our ten most popular self-publishing blog posts of the last decade, we noticed that the page views for the blog reflect the issues that consistently concern authors no matter what the year: typesetting, getting your book to [...]

Author Story: Marlen Suyapa Bodden

What would compel a best-selling author, whose first book was published by a traditional publisher, to self-publish her second book? Marlen Bodden’s book, The Wedding Gift, was published in 2013 (and reprinted in 2015). Still selling well on Amazon, her book was called “a stunning debut” and “an inspiring read [...]

What Is an Advance Reader Copy and Why Do I Need One?

How is it that some authors launch their books with endorsements printed on the cover and a ton of reviews? More than likely, these authors ordered Advance Reader Copies, or ARCs. So, what is an Advance Reader Copy? The ARC, also called an Advance Review Copy, is a version of [...]

How to Promote a Book Online

Let’s face it: the Internet is where it’s at. Authors today must understand how to promote a book online. As we emphasized recently in our article on the 3:3:3 Book Launch Plan approach, every author deserves a nice book launch event in a lovely setting, surrounded by invited guests, friends [...]

How to Find the Best Self-Publishing Companies

Many authors are confused about what services self-publishing companies provide and how to find the best self-publishing companies. First, let’s clarify what we mean by “self-publishing companies.” In a blog post from 2018, I talk about what it means to “self-publish.” Before looking for a company that helps authors self-publish [...]

What Is the Layout of a Book?

The layout of a book incorporates some basic elements, which I describe below. But wait! Before you read this blog (and if you’re really interested in page layout!), choose a book from your shelf—one from a traditional publisher—and look for the elements as we go through them. Select a book [...]

Book Publishing Services: What are they? Do I need them?

Options for indie publishing are exploding. While this is a great thing for authors who want to publish a book without involving a traditional publisher, the terminology around self-publishing is also exploding and further muddying the waters. In today’s publishing marketplace, it’s getting more difficult for authors and companies involved [...]

How to Plan a Book Launch

When thinking about how to plan a book launch, it’s easy to envision a lovely cocktail reception at the local pub with friends and family members, all of whom are getting free copies. Or perhaps your plan for a book launch is a table at the local indie bookstore, hoping [...]

Best Book Marketing Ideas from 1106 Design Authors

The book launch is over, but the job of marketing your book never ends. If you’re stuck for book promo ideas, this article is for you. We’ve gathered together some of the best book marketing ideas as reported by 1106 Design authors in their Author Stories. If you’d like to [...]

Author Story: Matt Bloom

Matt Bloom’s closing words in our Author Story interview seem to sum up his approach to life: “You never know until you try.” Matt is the author of the children’s illustrated chapter book series Hello, My Name Is Bunny!, which he co-created with his wife, Shelley Simmons-Bloom. Their latest book [...]

Cover Design Mistakes Authors Should Avoid

I’ll just say it upfront: of all the cover design mistakes authors can make, the number one mistake is to design the cover themselves. Mistake #1: Do-it-yourself Covers If you’re looking for cover design tips, you’ve come to the wrong place. I know, affordability is the big issue, and you [...]

Author Story: John Leifer

Book marketing got you down? Author John Leifer has this advice for first-time indie publishers: Publish for your own gratification, not with the thought of how many books you will sell. As the author and publisher of the Commander John Hart trilogy, John found book marketing to be by far [...]

Mistakes to Avoid When Self-Publishing

Let’s talk about mistakes to avoid when self-publishing. This past month, I spoke with two authors who came to me for advice after finding themselves in the same sticky situation. Both had hired individuals to work on their books—someone for cover design, another freelancer for page layout and typesetting, and [...]

Better Writing: 4 Tips for Revising Your Work

Guest post by Wally Bock. First published on April 23, 2019, Wally Bock's Writing Edge website. If you want to create great writing, you must revise. That’s never easy, but here are four tips that will help you revise better and quicker. Get the Big Stuff Right First Revising will [...]

Author Story: Juan Carlos Marcos

In a sense, it’s both an author's dream and a nightmare: the chance to relay an amazing war tale of adventure, survival and resilience, supported by 600 pages of handwritten correspondence from husband to wife, all meticulously filed. At aged 98, the hero of the story was eager to be [...]